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The Travelling Teabox is now just about halfway through its journey. On the way it has visited thirteen individual addresses, ten US states and two countries if you count the starting point as well.

There have been a large amount of reviews for the things that people have tried so far and lots of comments from the next participants, impatiently waiting for their turn.

The Steepster Overlords set up a Flickr Group for the participants to share any photos that they might take of the box and of the contents, and there are talk in the corners of an official site feature to use in planning future rounds of Travelling Teaboxes.

We have only just begun!

These are the stops visited so far. Yes, I'm aware that there is a funny loop in Pennsylvania there. I'm not really sure how I managed to do that, but it gives the public something to laugh about, I guess.

Of some of the posts that people have made about what they chose from the box, Ricky had a quite an encounter with the Raspberry Oolong from A. C. Perch's in Copenhagen, which turned into if not the bane of his existance then at least something close to it. Just say 'Raspberry Oolong' and see what happens. Poor Ricky. Later on, JacquelineM also fell hard for it.

Another hit was Marco Polo from Mariage Freres, which Jack found very enjoyable.

Not all teas have been such an enormous success. The Rooibos Red Spice from Allegro for example didn't win many points from AmazonV and neither did the Pumpkin Spice from Subtle Tea.

Janni, on the other hand, found the same Pumpkin Spice quite nice. Just goes to show the differences in what people like and dislike.

And this was just a small selection of the many many posts people have made about the things they've found in the box.

On the way through the list, many people have been taking pictures of the box and contents and posted them at the Flickr group. It would appear that there has been some growth during the rounds.

Just compare this

To this

(Picture taken by Janni)

Oh dear. I'm getting slightly concerned about the amounts of tea samples to land on my doorstep when the box returns.




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